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    Pondicherry – A French Colony in India

    Pondicherry is known as one of the top shoreline destinations in India, where individuals make a trek the distance from the opposite side of India to be here. Be that as it may, Pondicherry, rather than the routine suspecting, is not just about its shorelines. There is a solid French influence in the city, particularly […]

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    Art for the Soul: Best Art Galleries of Delhi

    The seat of the Indian government and the biggest city in India, New Delhi is additionally home to a lively contemporary art scene. In the most recent years, New Delhi has seen an engaging rise in new art galleries, as well as art fairs and shows, drawing in worldwide enthusiasm for the Indian art market. […]

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    Top 5 interesting facts you probably never knew about Chennai

    The door to South India and the spot to encounter the genuine quintessence of the South Indian lifestyle and way of life, Chennai is understood for being one of the best occasion destinations in India. This article shines a light on the lesser well known facts about the city. Chennai, one of the heavyweights in […]

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    Escape to these pristine destinations near Mumbai

    On the off chance that you thought Mumbai was entrancing, hold up till you take an outing around the peripherals of the city. You will be hypnotized by the excellence of the slope stations and the sweet spots around the city. This article discusses a couple of the greatest weekend getaways from Mumbai. Life in […]

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    Ghaziabad: A Little Hamlet Oozing with Valiant Splendour

    Flanking the edges of the Delhi, Ghaziabad is the way to the Goliath state of Uttar Pradesh. This city takes its name from its maker, Ghazi-ud-Din, the offspring of a Mughal minister who called it Ghaziuddin Nagar after himself. The name was later abridged to Ghaziabad. Today, Ghaziabad is a hotbed for business endeavors. A […]

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    Visit the majestic city of Mysore

    Also known as the ‘Palace city of India’, Mysore attracts majority of tourists coming to India. With a rich history and cultural heritage, the city has a great number of palaces, gardens and colorful festivals. With an average yearly temperature ranging from 25-30 degree celsius, Mysore is a great vacation for people living all over […]

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