Dehradun: a city that symbolizes the Indian way of life

dehradun railway station

The capital of the newly formed Uttarakhand state, Dehradun is the very core of the encompassing state. It exists here where the headquarters of administration exist. Education, commerce, and health care are the major parameters of Dehradun. It was during the era of the British and subsequently in the past few decades, when major developments […]

Gangtok; The Paradise Of North East India

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Gangtok is a popular tourist site in North Eastern region of India. It is the capital of Sikkim and is tourist destination perfect for tranquil and refreshing holiday. Simply head to this beautiful town and spend the holiday relishing best of nature, genuine hospitality, and modern pleasures. Gangtok, a beautiful modern town located in the […]



The continent of Australia provides one of the best explanations of the Darwinian Theory of Natural selection as a result of its unique flora and fauna species. Natural selection postulates that the survival of organisms depends on their ability to effectively adapt to environmental changes. Australia is the smallest of the world’s continents formed as […]

Top Ten Tips for Budget Travel

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Voyaging is a standout amongst the most mainstream pastimes accessible to humanity. A large number of people long for venturing to the far corners of the planet, however we are anticipating independent from anyone else crying about our work burden, or the absence of funds to do it. Is it truly that hard to venture […]

8 Most Relaxing Resorts in the US


The US is punctuated with many luxury resorts where locals and visitors can relax and take up plenty of fun activities and wholesome treatments. There is everything ranging from seaside retreats to mountain locations and a desert oasis. Below is a list of the most relaxing resorts in the US. Ratings are based on rooms, […]